Homeless teenage houseguest allegedly stole panties from hosts

Jeff Bobo • Jan 21, 2013 at 9:11 AM

CHURCH HILL — A homeless Church Hill teen was charged with theft Saturday after allegedly stealing panties from two neighbors who had agreed to give him a place to stay.

Early Saturday morning, Church Hill Police Department Assistant Chief Roddy Miller responded to Hickory Hills Apartments on Silver Lake Road on a theft complaint.

Kristen Fortin reportedly told Miller that the previous evening she’d agreed to let Connor Greear, 18, stay with her because Greear was homeless.

Through his investigation, Miller learned that at one time Greear resided in a mobile home park beside the apartment complex, but had been kicked out by his mother several months ago.

Since then Greear was staying with the family of a friend in the apartment complex, but he had apparently had a falling out with the friend and was told to leave that residence as well.

Miller said Fortin knew Greear from the neighborhood and took pity on him.

“While in her apartment, Mr. Greear talked about getting kicked out of the apartment that belongs to Carolyn Horton,” Miller said. “Mr. Greear talked about knowing the combination to Ms. Horton’s safe. Ms. Fortin became suspicious of Mr. Greear and (later) looked in his luggage.”

Fortin then allegedly found a pair of panties that belonged to her 8-year-old daughter among Greear’s belongings.

Fortin then called Horton and informed her that Greear had stated he knew the combination to her safe.

Upon checking her safe, Horton allegedly found four rings missing.

During the investigation, Greear reportedly gave Miller consent to search his belongings.

“In the pockets of some of his clothes we found four more pairs of panties that belonged to Ms. Horton,” Miller said. “Mr. Greear denied knowing anything about the missing rings.”

Greear wasn’t charged in relation to the alleged missing rings. He was charged with misdemeanor theft pertaining to the stolen underwear only and booked into the Hawkins County Jail.

Miller added, “He basically said it was a fetish. He has a fetish for girl’s underwear is what he said.”

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