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KPD deals with everything from 'mama's boy' to restaurant wrestler

Staff Report • Dec 31, 2012 at 10:13 AM

Law enforcement officers deal with a variety of calls, complaints and incidents throughout the year. Take a look back at some of the more unusual blotter entries of 2012, derived from central dispatch records and police reports in Kingsport. The Times-News began the twice-weekly blotter feature in March.


•A caller from Myrtle Street claimed his 23-year-old son was attempting to choke him. The altercation, according to the caller, was because his son “Wants to be a mama’s boy.”

•A Kingsport couple, 23 and 24, were arrested at Sears in the Kingsport Town Center. Police report their statements, and those of witnesses, indicate they had assaulted each other while inside the store.


•An officer responded to a 911 call on Grandview Street and found an intoxicated man, who had urinated on himself, standing in the driveway. When asked why he had called 911 the man responded he “needed a ride to get cookies.” He was arrested for public intoxication.

•The owner of a used car lot on Lynn Garden Drive reported a man had taken a 1987 Chevy Caprice for a test drive but had yet to return. The used car dealer became suspicious and called area metal recyclers, learning the vehicle had been taken to a car crusher on Morelock Street. Police responded to the metal recycler and located the man who had taken the car. He was arrested and charged with vehicle theft.

•A Clark Avenue man called police after finding a stranger sleeping on his couch. The suspect said he had walked to the location from the Hog Wild Saloon, and thought he had entered a friend’s apartment. He was arrested and charged with public intoxication.

•Police were called to the public library after a man was observed at a computer with his pants down to his knees, fondling himself. The suspect left prior to police arrival and was not located.


•A “bomb threat” was found carved into a men’s bathroom stall at McDonald’s on East Stone Drive.

•Emergency responders were scrambled to Oak Street after a 56-year-old man, “drank some bleach.” He told dispatchers he thought he was drinking water.


•Police were requested at Indian Path Medical Center to deal with a drunk man. He had reportedly “caused problems” prior to his release and then returned to the hospital. The man was located “yelling at a receptionist” and escorted out of the building, where he then resisted police and was Tasered. He was arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest.

•A Jeep Cherokee pulling away from a traffic signal on Eastman Road “burned out” the tires — directly in front of a police officer. A stop discovered the driver’s license was revoked while the Jeep, which belongs to his grandparents, was uninsured. He also performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI.

•Police responded to a disturbance on Tiffany Court, locating a female, “argumentative, confrontational.” She seemed intoxicated and was taken into custody, “to prevent any further disturbances.” On the way to jail she began spitting, kicking the cruiser’s windows and repeatedly screaming “rape!” She was pepper sprayed on two separate occasions.


•A caller from Mesa Drive reported hearing “blood-curdling” screams outside their home. Four minutes later dispatch was advised the noise was actually, “the washing machine.”

•Police responded to East Center Street after a man called 911 several times, once providing his name and requesting to be taken to jail. He was located on the front porch of an apartment, unsteady on his feet, and admitted to drinking “gallons of beer.” He stated he “accidentally called 911” and was subsequently arrested.


•Shortly after midnight an alarm sounded at the Shell station on Lynn Garden Drive. An officer arrived to find a large rock embedded in a window and two men — who were “sweating profusely” — standing directly across the street. One of the men, 22, had dried blood on his hands and cuts to his fingertips. He admitted to using a rock to try and break the window, adding he was “just being young and dumb.” He was arrested and charged with attempted burglary.


•A clerk at a Bloomingdale Pike gas station reported an intoxicated man came in attempting to buy beer, but was refused. The clerk added that the man’s pants were unzipped and exposing himself, but he was “possibly unaware.”

•Former residents of Chadwick Drive reported several items as stolen while they were in the process of moving, including a moped and motorbike. Police located the motorbike at a residence on nearby Tranbarger Drive, with a woman saying her son had brought it home. While police were at the location, the woman’s son, 26, allegedly rode up on the stolen moped — and wearing clothes taken from the victim’s former residence. Other items allegedly stolen — cameras, knives, sunglasses and a bandana — were also found in his possession. He was arrested.


•Police responded to Westside Inn on a report of a woman, “running around outside naked in the parking lot.” An officer found her nude in the floor of a room and appearing to have a seizure. When EMS responded the woman, 30, “became very belligerent and was threatening to fight them.” After refusing multiple commands to put on clothes — and growing more combative — she was arrested for disorderly conduct. A man at the motel room claimed to be her ex-boyfriend, offering that she’s been “acting crazy” since their breakup.

•Residents of Waterman Street awoke shortly after 2 a.m. to find an unknown man standing by their bed. The suspect, 18, was still on scene when police arrived — and appeared “very intoxicated.” He reportedly couldn’t answer how he arrived at the residence, what he was doing or his date of birth. He was arrested.


•Police were dispatched to a domestic disturbance on Spruce Street, where a female wanted to leave the residence to go stay with a friend. Before getting into the squad car for transport she was asked if she had any narcotics or weapons. The woman allegedly stated, “I can show you,” and began pulling her shirt over her head, exposing her breasts and “causing a scene.” She was then arrested and charged with indecent exposure and public intoxication.

•Police were called to a North Eastman Road restaurant after a customer refused to pay their bill. An officer attempted to speak with the suspect, who was found sitting at the bar, but he allegedly cursed police and attempted to leave. When an officer grabbed the man, according to an arrest report, they “wrestled to the restaurant floor.” The suspect was arrested and charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Compiled by staff writer Rain Smith.

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