Mother found passed out in Kingsport parking lot, charged with child endangerment

Rain Smith • Nov 26, 2012 at 4:37 AM

A Church Hill woman has been arrested after police allegedly found her passed out inside a vehicle at a Kingsport parking lot at 2 a.m., accompanied in the 21 degree night by her 4-year-old son.

An affidavit filed in Kingsport court says Brandi Gail Collins, 32, of 954 Christians Bend Road, was arrested early Sunday morning at the Walmart on West Stone Drive. She is charged with child endangerment, simple possession of schedule IV drugs and a second offense of driving under the influence.

Kingsport police were called to the parking lot by Walmart employees. They stated they had been observing Collins for approximately 15 minutes, with her not moving from her slumped position behind the steering wheel.

An officer's report states Collins' head was on the gear shifter between the front seats and the vehicle was not running. Police note repeatedly banging on the window and yelling to get her to open her eyes and pull herself upright, but she was still disoriented and couldn't focus.

Meanwhile a small child, identified in court records as Collins' 4-year-old son, was found in a booster seat in a back seat of the vehicle, while the outside temperature was recorded as 21degrees.

When Collins opened her door and realized police were outside, she allegedly attempted to hide a small container in the crack of the driver's seat. Police state she, "slowly rolled out of the vehicle," and struggled to maintain her balance. An affidavit states another officer began tending to her son, who was now crying and cold to the touch.

Collins allegedly told police she was prescribed medication which she had taken approximately six hours prior, but couldn't remember its name. A check of the container Collins attempted to hide found one blue pill which was sent to the TBI lab for identification.

After failing to follow instructions and perform field sobriety tests Collins was arrested. A police report says officers made contact with a man she had been staying with, who stated he had been trying to contact her all day" so she would bring the child home.

Collins was transported to the hospital for a blood draw and later booked into the city jail.

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