Kingsport to step up enforcement as state law limits red light camera fines

Matthew Lane • Jul 3, 2011 at 10:17 AM

KINGSPORT — First the good news. A change in state law now allows Kingsport motorists to not have to pay court costs on red light camera violations if the ticket is paid within 30 days.

Now the bad news. To help offset this loss of revenue, Kingsport plans to step up its traditional traffic enforcement efforts. In addition, Kingsport just went live with two new red light cameras in the Allandale community, which will undoubtedly bring in some extra dollars to help offset the upcoming decline in court fees.

The new state law — which went into effect Friday — makes a number of changes regarding traffic surveillance cameras, such that cameras cannot be used to ticket a motorist who does not stop at a red signal before turning right, that citations must be sent within 20 days, and for the maximum fine to be $50 for motorists paying timely and not appearing in court.

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