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Food bank supported by generosity, dedication of community volunteers

Carmen Musick • Jun 25, 2011 at 10:42 AM

Generosity and dedication. Those are two words that Lann Malesky has become extremely familiar with since he became the director of the Food Bank of Wise County, Inc. five years ago.Without the generosity of folks who donate food and money to support his cause, there’d be no food to give. Without the dedication of volunteers who keep the bank’s two locations running, there’d be no way to get the food to the folks who need it. Fortunately for Malesky and the food bank’s clientele, there’s plenty of both in Wise County. “The generosity is amazing. What we have going for us, I think, is that the community trusts us and has confidence in us,” Malesky said. “We work very hard to earn that, because we couldn’t function without the support.”The Food Bank of Wise County, Inc., has been providing food assistance for needy families in Wise County and the city of Norton for just over 25 years. Currently, the bank’s two locations serve approximately 550 families each month — ensuring that nearly 1,650 county residents don’t go hungry along the way.“When we’ve got what we want to eat just laying around the house, it’s easy to forget that some people don’t have anything. You don’t realize what a difference this (food bank) makes until you see it for yourself.” said volunteer Burns Gilliam.Read the expanded version of this report in the print edition or the enhanced electronic version of the Kingsport Times-News.

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