Insuring Fido a must for some

Marci Gore • Mar 16, 2011 at 4:13 AM

Terri Hamby’s 2-year-old toy poodle, Coco Chanel, recently fell down a flight of stairs at her Johnson City home. Afterwards, Coco couldn’t walk. X-rays of Coco’s back showed she had suffered a soft tissue tear. Coco is now back home and doing just fine, but Hamby says incidents like this one is why she’s glad she has pet insurance for her beloved dog. Once her $50 deductible is met, Hamby’s pet insurance picks up 90 percent of the remaining bill. The total bill for this trip to the vet came to almost $300. “Being a responsible pet owner, means providing routine care for Coco and being prepared for an emergency,” said Hamby, who has had pet insurance for Coco since she was an 8-week-old p u p p y. Today, pets can be found in more than half of all American households and, as a result, obtaining insurance for those furry family members is a growing trend. Although it has increased in popularity in the past decade, pet insurance has actually been around, in some form, for quite a while. Read the expanded version of this report in today's print edition of the Kingsport Times-News or its enhanced electronic edition.

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