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Kingsport domestic assault suspect allegedly attacks detective

Rain Smith • Oct 25, 2010 at 1:34 AM

A Kingsport man accused of assaulting his wife and bedridden son has been arrested after allegedly attacking a female detective investigating the case.

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office reports Donald Bullis, 62, of 217 Park Ridge Court, has been charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest. According to police reports, an anonymous person contacted the Department of Children's Services regarding the welfare of Bullis' son.

On Friday afternoon detectives responded to the home, where his wife allegedly said she had been assaulted by Bullis for several years. The reports says Bullis was hitting the woman about six weeks ago when their son, 18, started yelling for him to stop. Bullis is alleged to have then went to the room of the boy, who is bedridden and can't move his arms, and placed his hand over his mouth and nose.

Police say the woman relayed two additional recent incidents in which she was assaulted by Bullis. In one incident the two were traveling in a vehicle and she tried to escape, but Bullis allegedly kept driving down the road with her hanging out of the door.

While police were taking statements at Bullis' home on Friday, he allegedly assaulted a female detective and, "refused to cooperate." He then allegedly sat in a chair and refused to move, telling police they could not take him.

An additional deputy responded to the scene and advised Bullis they did not want to fight. After a short period he agreed to exit the home without a struggle and accompanied deputies outside.

Bullis was asked to place his hands on a squad car. According to the officer's report, he then, "asked me if I was gay because I was patting him down."

When officers attempted to place his hands behind his back for arrest, Bullis allegedly began struggling and refused to follow commands. He was physically restrained by two deputies and transported to the Sullivan County jail.

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