Girl cut with circular saw at Bluff City haunted house

Rain Smith • Oct 18, 2010 at 3:00 AM

A hand-held circular saw intended to scare visitors at a Bluff City haunted house caused real pain on Friday night, as a 12-year-old girl was cut on the leg, requiring stitches.

Bluff City police filed a report on the incident, classifying it as a civil matter. On Monday the girl's father, Rodney Hurd, of Bloomingdale, said he plans to pursue civil action against the haunted house proprietors.

"My thinking is I don't want anyone else getting hurt," said Hurd. "Anybody that would have (a saw) in there would have to be kind of stupid."

The incident occurred at the Haunted Auction House, 4930 Bluff City Highway, the home of Dixie Design Auction.

According to the Bluff City police report, an officer responded to find Emily Hurd, "received a cut on her leg from one of the instruments used by one of the staff members in the Haunted Auction House." The officer also notes she would need medical attention.

The police report identifies the instrument as a hand-held saw, "with a metal cutting type blade." Hurd, who was not with Emily and other family members when the incident occurred, said the blade had smooth edges and no teeth.

According to Hurd's account of events, a haunted house staff member took a swipe at his daughter with the saw. It allegedly sliced through her sweat pants and left a four to five inch cut above one of her knees.

While awaiting EMS at the scene, according to Hurd, his wife decided to personally transport their daughter to Indian Path Medical Center. The cut, which Hurd said is about an inch deep, was stitched up at the hospital, and forced Emily to miss school on Monday.

Hurd said he wants the owner of the auction house to pay for the medical bills, which he has yet to receive, and to cease their operation of a haunted house during the Halloween season.

The owner of Dixie Design Auction, Mark Roberts, says the saw in question has been, "safety proofed," since Friday's incident. He added that haunted house policy prohibits workers and patrons from touching each other.

"She kicked at the saw, and some how or another she got cut in the mess," Roberts said.

Further questions regarding the haunted house were directed to Larry Cox, who Roberts said runs the seasonal operation. As of 4 p.m. Monday Cox had not returned a call to the Times-News.

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