Two Kingsport men arrested following 80 mph trip to hospital, cursing of medical staff

Rain Smith • Oct 13, 2010 at 1:17 AM

Claiming a passenger had been stung by a bee and couldn't breathe, a Kingsport motorist allegedly drove 80 mph through a 30 mph zone, ignoring police until he arrived at the hospital and let out the occupants.

Police report, "it was not an emergency of any kind," and that one of the passengers — allegedly high on morphine — cursed the hospital staff and officers. Both he and the driver were arrested.

According to a Kingsport police arrest report, the incident began at about 6:30 Sunday evening. An officer driving on Center Street was allegedly passed by a speeding Chevrolet S10 pickup, which he then paced at approximately 80 mph.

When the officer activated his lights and siren, the pickup allegedly turned onto Revere Street, then traveled three more blocks to the Sullivan Street intersection before stopping.

The officer reports the driver looked at him through the mirror, then accelerated and turned left onto Sullivan Street. Police then followed the truck to Holston Valley Medical Center, where it stopped at the back door entrance to the emergency room.

The report says three passengers exited and entered the hospital. The driver, Jason Swain, 27, of 412 Wilma St., allegedly claimed he was transporting a girl to the hospital. He said she had been stung by a bee, "was swelling up and can't breathe."

When asked why he was traveling 50 mph over the posted speed limit, and didn't stop for police, Swain allegedly claimed he was worried about being ticketed for speeding.

The officer reports speaking with the ER staff. They confirmed one of Swain's passengers had been stung, but was not having a reaction and, "it was not an emergency of any kind."

Swain was arrested, charged with reckless driving, reckless endangerment and resisting stop or arrest.

Police then spoke with another passenger, identified as Allen White, 38, also of 412 Wilma St. He allegedly reported the truck was his, but he wasn't driving because he was, "high on morphine."

White reportedly became angry and combative towards police and hospital staff, and attempted to enter the ER through an ambulance bay. When asked to use the front door, White allegedly cursed a nurse and security guard before going in the back entrance.

Police report they were forced to physically remove White from the ER. He was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication and resisting arrest.

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