'Lengthy standoff' prompts arrest of armed Kingsport man

Rain Smith • Sep 14, 2010 at 1:42 AM

An armed Kingsport man has been arrested after allegedly beating his girlfriend, then holing up inside a condominium for a "lengthy standoff" with police.

After approximately four hours he was Tased and apprehended, with officers then discovering he carried a loaded .38-caliber revolver. A sawed-off shotgun was also found inside the home, where the man allegedly yelled to surrounding officers, "somebody is going to get hurt."

William I. Head, 58 of 206 Phoenix Court, was arrested early Friday morning. He has been charged with domestic assault, possession of a prohibited weapon and resisting arrest.

According to a Kingsport police report, officers were called to Phoenix Court at about 9:10 Thursday night. A woman told police she had entered Head's condo to gather personal belongings, then planned to leave and stay at a friend's home.

According to police, Head told the woman to leave, attempted to hit her and pushed her into a door. Outside of the condo the alleged assault continued, with a female neighbor witnessing the events and telling Head to stop.

The police report says Head yelled at the neighbor, then began hitting his girlfriend's car. According to the report Head, "said he'd kill (the victim) if the police were called."

When officers arrived and knocked on Head's door, he allegedly refused to answer. Observing someone standing at the front window, police say they took cover and knocked again.

The reporting officer says that this time a male was heard screaming inside the condo, telling police to go away, "I have a gun and somebody is going to get hurt." More units were called to secure the back of the residence, with officers establishing telephone contact with Head.

After a "lengthy standoff" police report pulling visible units away from the residence, but leaving officers near the front and back doors. Head allegedly appeared at the back door briefly, then went back inside. He reappeared two minutes later, and was tased by an officer, "as he bent down just outside the door."

Police say Head carried a loaded .38-caliber revolver. Leaning against a couch in the living room police allegedly found a sawed-off shotgun, while knives had been placed in the front door jam in an attempt to prevent it from being opened.

Police say Head was arrested at 1:35 a.m. then booked into the Kingsport city jail. He was scheduled for a Tuesday court appearance.

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