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Kingsport bar manager, 61, suffers cuts to face from smashed beer bottle; suspect charged with aggravated assault

Rain Smith • Aug 10, 2010 at 11:24 AM

Two people were arrested Friday night after the manager of a Kingsport bar was hit in the face with a beer bottle, causing "significant" lacerations to his face.

According to Kingsport Police Department arrest reports, the incident occurred at The Pub, 302 E. Sullivan St. Shortly before midnight police were called to the bar in reference to a fight.

The responding officer says the manager, 61, was found outside with, "visible facial lacerations that were bleeding heavily." He told police that when a man had been asked to leave the property, he attempted to walk out with a beer.

The manager allegedly told the man he couldn't leave with the beer in hand and tried to take it away. According to the report, the suspect then smashed the beer bottle against the manager's face.

One report on the incident says the bar manager, "had significant injuries to his face and right arm that were bleeding." It did not specify if he was treated by medical personnel.

Police located the suspect, along with a female, walking on nearby Center Street. According to the report, the suspect claimed to have been beaten up, and that the manager had hit him with a bottle of liquor.

A court affidavit identifies the suspect as Michael J. Shelton, 30, of Roller Street, Kingsport. He allegedly had some visible marks on his face, but no significant injuries.

Shelton was arrested and charged aggravated assault and taken to the city jail. According to police reports, a separate witness told officers that Shelton had hit the manager with a bottle of beer.

The woman accompanying Shelton is identified as Kema D. Norris, 26, of Greeneville, Tenn. Police say she was intoxicated, so they asked her if anyone could come pick her up.

"She immediately became very belligerent with police and began to yell obscenities," reads the officer's narrative. "Her actions served no legitimate purpose."

After determining Norris was, "obviously too intoxicated to conduct herself properly in public," police advised her she was under arrest for public intoxication. The report says Norris, "continued her rant," attempted to pull away from officers and, "refused to listen to reason."

Norris was additionally charged with disorderly conduct and booked into the city jail.

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