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Kingsport man charged with filing false report; allegedly smoked crack with 'unknown' vandalism suspect

Rain Smith • Aug 2, 2010 at 12:03 PM

A Kingsport man has been charged with filing a false report after allegedly telling police an unknown woman kicked in his door then yelled at him.

Police say they later learned the man, woman and others were smoking crack at the residence, and a fight that ensued caused the damage that was reported.

According to Kingsport police, at 6:13 Friday morning an officer responded to a disturbance at 1304 Holyoke St. The resident of apartment 23, Michael A. Coleman, 47, "advised that an unknown black female had kicked his door in and just started yelling at him," reads the report.

Police say Coleman claimed not to know the woman, "and had just seen her around the neighborhood."

The responding officer reports that while on the scene the woman in question walked up. She allegedly said she had been at the apartment with Coleman and others since 11 p.m. the previous night, "smoking crack." The officer's narrative states that some of the occupants got into a fight, and that's how the door incurred the damage.

Two additional people that were present allegedly confirmed the woman had been in the apartment and a fight occurred.

Coleman was arrested and charged with filing a false report and transported to the Kingsport city jail.

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