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'Mumbling' Hawkins County man allegedly breaks in homes, sits down with residents

Rain Smith • Jul 20, 2010 at 9:33 AM

A Hawkins County man who was "mumbling incoherently" has been arrested after allegedly breaking in two separate homes — then simply sitting down with the people inside.

Police say in the first incident he was escorted out by the resident, but soon attempted to break back in. At the second home he allegedly entered through a locked screen door, then sat down at the kitchen table with the startled residents.

A Hawkins County Sheriff's Office report says the incident began at about 5 p.m. Saturday at 1829 Slate Hill Road, lot No. 1. The resident told deputies he was in his home, "when a male subject he did not know entered his residence uninvited and sat down."

The resident told deputies he escorted the man — who was "mumbling incoherently" — out of his home. He shut and locked his door, only to hear a short time later, "what sounded like someone prying on his back door."

"He stated that he smacked the door and said, 'get out of here,'" reads the police report.

The responding officer observed damage to the outside door frame, along with a garden spade with fresh scrape marks.

While at the scene the officer also spoke with the resident of the lot next door. She claimed to have been sitting at her kitchen table with another individual when a man she didn't know entered the home through a locked screen door. The man then allegedly sat down at the table with the residents.

The deputy reports finding a man that fit the suspect's description at lot No. 7. He was identified as Roy Travis Purkey, 33, of the residence. Police say he admitted to going to a nearby home, but denied entering the two in question.

Purkey, who allegedly exhibited, "slow unsteady movement," slurred speech and bloodshot eyes, was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated trespassing and vandalism.

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