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Man charged in string of thefts from Bloomingdale neighbors

Rain Smith • Jul 14, 2010 at 11:38 AM

A Bloomingdale man has been charged in a string of thefts after his grandmother reportedly told a neighbor she'd found a mower and weed trimmer beneath her porch.

When confronted by police about the woman's statement, the suspect allegedly claimed, "she has Alzheimer's."

According to a report at the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office, a deputy responded to 758 Bancroft Chapel road on Tuesday afternoon. The resident reported an air compressor, weed trimmer and leaf blower were missing from his outbuilding, while his box truck had also been broken into.

The deputy reports that while at the scene he spoke with residents of two additional nearby homes. They also reported theft of items from buildings in the past two days, including a push mower, speakers and an additional weed trimmer.

One of the victims claimed a female resident of 772 Bancroft Chapel Road, "had wanted to call police after finding a red mower and weed eater under her porch."

When police visited the home to speak with the woman, they were met by her grandson, Steven Alan Wright, 25. The deputy reports Wright, "advised she had Alzheimer's and wouldn't talk to me."

A subsequent check beneath the home's porch allegedly located a lawnmower and weed trimmer. Police say their serial numbers matched two of the reportedly stolen items.

Wright claimed he had bought the items, valued at $554, "from a friend for $100." Wright was arrested, charged with theft and transported to the Sullivan County jail.

The report did not specify if the other missing items were recovered.

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