Pursuit of Scott County burglary suspects ends with blown engine in Kingsport; passenger throws tire at squad car

Rain Smith • Jun 3, 2010 at 11:41 AM

Two suspects in a Scott County, Va., burglary were apprehended Wednesday morning by Kingsport police after their vehicle's engine blew during a pursuit.

At one point, the passenger allegedly threw a spare tire out the window at a squad car giving chase, prompting an aggravated assault charge.

According to separate reports at the Kingsport Police Department, at about 1 a.m. officers were alerted to look for a green Jeep Cherokee that the suspects were allegedly traveling in. The vehicle was spotted on West Carter's Valley Road by an officer, who then gave chase.

"I witnessed the passenger reach into the rear of the vehicle and pick up a tire," writes the reporting officer. "At this time the passenger threw a tire out of the driver's side window attempting to hit my vehicle."

A second Kingsport officer's report on the incident states he spotted the suspects' vehicle, operating without headlights, entering West Stone Drive off of I-26. He followed the Jeep onto Union Street and activated his squad car's emergency equipment.

But the driver allegedly sped up to speeds of about 60 mph, running a stop sign at the intersection of Union Street and Granby Street.

"During the pursuit he ran into the lane of oncoming traffic two times nearly striking other vehicles," reads the report. "We continued until the motor in the vehicle apparently blew up."

Police say the 1996 Jeep then slowed, with the driver bailing out and running before it came to a stop. The report states he was apprehended by two officers, but does not specify how long a foot pursuit lasted.

The driver allegedly refused to provide police with his name and information. He also, "refused to be fingerprinted," and was, "caught several times attempting to rub his finger prints off on the concrete in the jail cell."

Police report he was booked into jail as "John Doe," charged with felony evading arrest, misdemeanor evading, resisting arrest, reckless driving, reckless endangerment, speeding, stop sign violation and light law violation.

The passenger, who allegedly threw the tire out of the Jeep, was identified as Howard Evans, 20, of 4114 Carters Valley Road, Church Hill. Police report Evans stated, "I'm sorry for throwing the tire at you." He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Kingsport police records did not specify when or where the alleged burglary in Scott County occurred, or if the men face charges in that incident.

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