Large amount of crack, $7,500 in cash, stolen gun found in Kingsport apartment

Rain Smith • May 18, 2010 at 9:37 AM

Police have reportedly discovered 41 grams of crack cocaine, approximately $7,500 in drug proceeds and a stolen gun at a Kingsport apartment.

The incident occurred Monday morning at Kingsview Apartments on Larry Neil Way. Two people have been arrested, while a warrant is being obtained for a third suspect.

An arrest report at the Kingsport Police Department says officers were dispatched to apartment No. 3 of the complex, following up on a complaint of drug distribution. The door was opened by Hernan Becerra, 18, of Yonkers N.Y. Police then spoke with the resident, Windy Georges, 29, who allowed police to search for hidden persons, "for officer safety."

The report says a man looked through the door of a bedroom, saw police, then slammed and locked the door. After several minutes the man, who initially gave police a false name, but was later identified as Victor Shaw, 28, of Mount Vernon N.Y., opened the door.

Police say the bedroom had a strong odor of marijuana. They report torn plastic baggies, plant stems and small traces of a plant substance were in plain view.

Shaw and another male in the room consented to a search of their clothing. Police say they found Shaw in possession of $1,160 cash, broken down in bundles of 100s, 20s, 10s and 1s. The other man, identified as Joseph Bennett, had $494 in cash, broken into bundles of 100s, 50s and 20s. Police report seizing the money as drug prceeds.

Officers then asked Georges for consent to search her apartment, which she initially denied. Detectives contacted Sullivan County Assistant District Attorney Gene Perrin, according to the report, attempting to obtain a search warrant.

"As a result of that conversation, parties that were not residents were told they could leave if they wished to do so," reads the officer's report.

Police say a subsequent "walk through of the apartment" found a handgun, with Becerra claiming the gun was his. But a police search of the National Crime Information Center revealed the gun was stolen out of Greene County, Tenn. Becerra was then arrested and charged with possession of stolen property.

At this point, according to police, Georges changed her mind and told officers they could search her apartment. Officers opened two portable safes, with the first allegedly containing a 37 gram crack rock, more than $6,000 in cash and three small bags of marijuana.

Police say the second safe contained a 4.5 gram crack rock, more than $300 in cash and several plastic baggies with white residue. Two sets of digital scales were also found under a mattress, according to the report.

Georges was arrested and charged with possession of more than 26 grams of cocaine for resale, possession of marijuana for resale, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a dwelling where narcotics are sold or used. Georges' 2003 Cadillac, a gun found inside, and $6,306.76 was seized.

Becerra was arrested and charged with possession of stolen property valued at more than $500.

Police say a warrant will be obtained for Shaw, charging him with more than 26 grams of cocaine for resale, possession of marijuana for resale and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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