One arrested after alleged Taser attack, robbery of Oxycodone in Kingsport

Rain Smith • May 14, 2010 at 12:20 PM

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office has arrested one of two men alleged to have hit, kicked and Tased an acquaintance, robbing him of medication.

An incident report says the robbery and beating occurred early Thursday morning at 1321 Haga Road. The victim reported he had returned from Florida -- where he had been prescribed medication for pain -- and went to tell his brother that he was home.

A court affidavit says the victim was prescribed 150 30mg Oxycodone, and 60 15mg Oxycodone.

The initial offense report states that after coming out of a restroom at the residence, the victim was confronted by two men that he knows. The victim says he went to take his bookbag, packed with his belongings, to a bedroom, and was followed by the two men.

One of the men grabbed the bookbag, according to the report. The victim attempted to stop him, "but he was Tased and attacked," according to the offense report.

A court affidavit filed after the initial report adds that the attacker held the Taser on the victim's body for so long that, "he had to let go of the backpack."

The victim says he was then hit and kicked several times. His brother allegedly tried to stop the attack, but was restrained by one of the suspects.

The suspects then fled the residence in a four door Hyundai, taking the bookbag with them. The Sheriff's Office report says the bag contained the medication, a shot glass and $60 worth of clothes.

On Friday the Sheriff's Office reports the man alleged to have used the Taser gun has been arrested and released on a $20,000 bond.

Elmer Dewayne Livesay, 42, was charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated assault.

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