Kingsport teens face theft, drug charges after arrest at car wash

Rain Smith • May 3, 2010 at 2:37 AM

A report of a suspicious person at a Bloomingdale car wash has prompted the arrest of two Kingsport teens on theft and drug charges.

According to a report at the Kingsport Police Department, an officer responded to Ruba Dub Car Wash, 904 Bloomingdale Pike, at about 2:50 Sunday morning. She allegedly observed a male trying to open one of the car wash vending machines.

The officer pulled in the parking lot to speak with the man, identified as Cody R. Selvage, 18, of 3327 Horseshoe Drive. Selvage was allegedly wearing clear gloves, a backpack and carrying a hammer in the waistband of his pants.

Selvage allowed the officer to conduct a search, which allegedly discovered pliers and a screwdriver. The report adds that Selvage claimed only to have been pushing buttons on the vending machine as he awaited a ride.

Selvage was placed under arrest and charged with attempted theft and possession of burglary tools. While officers were still on scene with Selvage a car passed by that he initially claimed was his ride, and then backtracked to deny.

After Selvage was transported to the city jail an officer remained at the car wash, and observed the same car pass by again. Noticing the license tag was covered, police then stopped the vehicle on Bloomingdale Pike.

Police identify the driver as Jama L. Whetsel, 19, of 546 Jersey St. Whetsel, whose car was found to have a brown paper towel over the license tag, allegedly claimed Selvage was her boyfriend, and that she'd dropped him off at the car wash.

The report says Whetsel consented to a search of her car. Police report finding a baggie of marijuana, a glass pipe with marijuana residue, a cellophane containing six diazepam and another cellophane containing five pills of an unidentified legend drug.

Police say Whetsel's car also contained items that matched the description of those recently stolen elsewhere; a DVD player face plate, a Motorola handheld radio and a portable CD player.

Whetsel was arrested and charged with attempted theft, possession of schedule IV and VI drugs, possession of a legend drug, possession of drug paraphernalia and improper display of a license tag.

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