Two arrested after alleged drug deal in front of detectives at Kingsport pharmacy

Rain Smith • Apr 22, 2010 at 12:00 AM

A Kingsport woman and her brother-in-law were arrested Wednesday afternoon after an alleged drug deal in the parking lot of a Kingsport pharmacy, directly in front of vice detectives.

The detectives were not staking out the area or suspects, just picking up an item from the store. A marked police car also sat directly across from the pharmacy, with that officer finishing up a report on a recent wreck.

Records at the Kingsport Police Department say the incident occurred at 3:45 outside of Walgreens, 1420 West Stone Drive. Detectives allegedly witnessed one suspect, April M. Livesay, 23, of 2038 Flanders St., lot No. 2, apartment No. 2, exit the pharmacy with a prescription. When she opened the door of her truck she was approached by Michael Lee Livesay, 34, of 189 Weber City, Va.

"When April opened the door an exchange appeared to take place," reads the police report. "Michael then walked to a Honda Civic parked two spaces over and got in the car."

The detectives approached both individuals, later identified as brother and sister-in-law. They say April Livesay sold Michael two Lortabs from a prescription she had just picked up.

April Livesay was charged with selling schedule III drugs and possession of schedule III drugs for resale. Michael Livesay was charged with simple possession of schedule III drugs.

The patrol officer sitting directly across from the parking lot transported both to the city jail.

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