Kingsport prostitution suspect claims she 'just wanted sex' and 'didn't know what to charge'

Rain Smith • Apr 14, 2010 at 12:00 AM

For the second time in a week, the same parking lot of a Kingsport business has been the scene of police charging a woman for prostitution.

The woman allegedly told police she didn't demand money, but freely offered intercourse because she "hadn't had sex in a while" and "didn't know what to charge."

According to a Kingsport police report, the incident occurred at 2500 West Stone Drive, around 9 a.m. An anonymous male caller advised central dispatch that a woman had approached him the parking lot of the business, offering sex.

An officer responded in his squad car, finding a woman that matched the suspect's description. She was sitting in the driver's seat of a vehicle, with the door open.

"The vehicle was sitting in aisle #6," reports the responding officer. "As I passed the car, the female suspect waved at me."

According to the report, the woman then drove out of the space and across the large parking lot. The officer initiated a stop on the southeast corner of the lot, with the suspect exiting the vehicle as soon as she stopped.

"I could immediately tell she was very nervous," reads the report. "She avoided eye contact with me and was evasive and hesitant to speak."

Police say that when asked if anything was wrong, the woman stated she was nearly out of gas and had just asked an elderly man for money. When questioned why she had driven to the corner of the large parking lot, the suspect allegedly said, "she wanted to be honest with me and come clean."

"She voluntarily told me she hadn't had sex in a while and asked an older man if he'd like to fool around a little bit and have some sex," reads the officer's report.

The report states that when asked if the sex was in return for gas money she supposedly needed, the woman replied, "no, and that she didn't need gas, just wanted some sex."

The officer records that the woman stated, "numerous times that she just wanted to have sex with somebody, but didn't know what to charge."

Misty Lynn Ratcliff, 35, of 402 School House Hollow, Clintwood, Va., was arrested and charged with prostitution. She told police she'd been staying in a local motel, with a man she'd met walking the streets of Kingsport.

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