Piney Flats man arrested for allegedly firing gun outside neighbor's home

Rain Smith • Apr 8, 2010 at 12:00 AM

A Piney Flats man has been charged with felony reckless endangerment and intimidation after allegedly firing his pistol outside a neighboring home.

The incident occurred at about 10:20 Wednesday night on Ridge Drive. The alleged victim called the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office to report shots had been fired outside a home he was in, and he suspected a man that allegedly threatened him shortly beforehand.

Deputies responded to speak with the man at 487 Ridge Drive. He stated he had previously been walking down the road, talking on his cell phone, when a red and white truck pulled beside him.

An arrest report states the driver asked the walker, "what house he came from." When the walker refused to tell him, the driver allegedly replied he, "would find out when he went and got his gun."

The victim reported that shortly afterwards, while inside 487 Ridge Drive, the same truck pulled in front of the residence with its headlights towards the home. When the victim looked out the window he allegedly heard three gunshots, then the truck pulled away.

The reporting officer documents that a truck matching a description of the suspect's was seen by another deputy in the driveway of 569 Ridge Drive. When officers returned to that location the truck had been moved to the back of the home.

Police spoke with the resident, Mickey Wayne Jones, 45. When asked why he had moved his truck the back, Jones allegedly claimed not to want his truck in the driveway, as he had recently heard gunshots. Deputies report then telling Jones that his truck matched the description of the vehicle where the shots had came from.

The police report says Jones admitted to having guns, but denied firing any on Wednesday night. He then allowed deputies to look in his truck, where a brass .22-caliber casing was allegedly found in the driver's side floorboard.

When asked again if he had fired a gun on Wednesday night, Jones allegedly said yes, a .22-caliber pistol from his back porch. Police report that when they looked over that area of the home, they found two .22-caliber casing, silver in color.

Deputies then asked to see Jones' pistol, which he retrieved from a safe. The report says it was loaded with three rounds in brass casings, such as that allegedly found in Jones' truck.

Police added that the silver casings found outside were long, while the brass ones in the gun and truck were short.

Deputies report asking Jones if had driven down the street and fired his pistol outside of 487 Ridge Drive, which he denied. He then agreed to accompany deputies to the home and look for casings.

Meanwhile, a Sullivan County detective was notified and responded to the scene. After interviewing the suspect and victim, the detective placed Jones under arrest for felony reckless endangerment and intimidation.

The report does not note if casings were found outside the 487 Ride Drive home, or what may have motivated Jones' alleged actions.

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