'Belligerent' woman charged with vandalism of Sullivan County cruiser

Rain Smith • Mar 29, 2010 at 12:00 AM

A "very uncooperative and belligerent" woman has been charged with vandalizing a police cruiser, according to an arrest report at the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office.

The woman, who was being held in the cruiser as officers investigated a domestic disturbance, allegedly began kicking a window, causing $800 in damages.

The incident occurred Sunday at about 9 p.m. Deputies were dispatched to a fight in progress at 416 Packing House Road, lot No. 21.

The responding officer reports a woman was found sitting on the porch of one trailer. Standing in the driveway of the trailer next door was a man, bleeding from his arm.

The deputy reports the woman, Yvonna Jo Bartley, 38, of lot No. 22, appeared to be intoxicated. When asked if she had anything to drink, she allegedly responded, "Too many beers."

According to the report, Bartley then relayed that she and her husband -- the man with the bleeding arm -- had got into an argument. When he asked her to leave, she went next door neighbor's trailer.

The report makes no mention of how Bartley's husband sustained his injuries.

When officers started interviewing Bartley's husband, she allegedly became, "very uncooperative and belligerent." Deputies then decided to place her in the back of a cruiser as they continued their investigation.

The report says Bartleyy then began "screaming and kicking the rear driver's side window." Deputies were forced to restrain her "before the glass shattered."

According to the report, repairing damages that Bartley caused to the squad car is estimated at $800.

Bartley was arrested and charged with public intoxication and vandalism of more than $500.

The report says Bartley's 8-year-old child was released to the care of the Department of Children's Services.

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