Rogersville man allegedly threatens to kill family; bites wife's forehead, hits her with skillet

Rain Smith • Mar 25, 2010 at 12:00 AM

A Rogersville man has been arrested after allegedly attacking his wife, then threatening to kill her, their daughter and himself.

A report from the Hawkins County Sheriff's department states he bit his wife on the forehead, hit her with an iron skillet and was outside their home choking her when help arrived. The woman's father tackled the suspect and held him down until police reached the scene.

The incident occurred Wednesday at 424 Carters Valley Road, lot No. 5. The suspect, Jonathon Paul Gibson, 27, of the residence, has been arrested for aggravated assault.

An arrest report says deputies were called to the home at 11:35 p.m. Gibson's estranged wife reports she was at the residence to get clothing and other personal items. An argument began when she allegedly found the top to a needle in the bathroom.

The police report says Gibson pushed her down then pulled a knife from his pocket and opened the blade.

"At that time he put the knife to her throat and told her that he was going to kill her, their daughter (who was also at the residence) and then kill himself," reads the report. "Victim states that he then held the knife to her stomach and moved it in a slicing motion. Subject states that the knife was turned to the unsharpened side."

Gibson's wife told police that he then bit her on the forehead, punched her in the head and hit her in the lower back with an iron skillet. At some point the victim was able to contact her father, who arrived to find Gibson choking his daughter with his hands outside their home.

The woman's father "tackled" Gibson, according to the report, "and held him until officers arrived."

Police say they observed injuries to the woman that were consistent with her version of events. Gibson was arrested for aggravated assault and transported tot eh Hawkins County Jail.

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