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Tennesseans to vote on constitutional right to hunt and fish

Andy Sher, Chattanooga Times Free-Press • Mar 18, 2010 at 12:00 AM

NASHVILLE — The Chattanooga Times Free-Press is reporting that Tennesseans will vote in November on a state constitutional amendment guaranteeing their right to hunt and fish.This morning on a 90-1 vote, the House approved Senate Joint Resolution 30, which has previously passed the Senate.SJR 30 adds a new provision to Article XI, Section 13 which reads: “The citizens of this state shall have the personal right to hunt and fish, subject to reasonable regulations and restrictions prescribed by law. The recognition of this right does not abrogate any private or public property rights, nor does it limit the state's power to regulate commercial activity.”

Read the full report at the Chattanooga Times Free-Press Web site.

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