Blountville man charged with trying to run over five people at Kingsport home

Rain Smith • Mar 11, 2010 at 12:00 AM

KINGSPORT — A Blountville man was arrested Wednesday night after allegedly attempting to run over five people with his pickup truck at a Kingsport residence.

According to a report filed by the Kingsport Police Department, Chris Hooker, 34, was arrested at his father’s residence, 420 Hooker Road, Lot 5. He was apprehended by Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office deputies then transported to the Kingsport jail on five counts of aggravated assault.

The incident occurred at 2141 Hawthorne St., Kingsport. The alleged victims, Lisa and Donald McClellan, told police they were standing outside their home talking with friends and neighbors. About 9:25 p.m. Hooker, who they knew because he used to date their niece, pulled up in his 1988 Chevrolet pickup.

The police report states that from his truck Hooker began yelling at the couple, challenging them to a fight. The McClellans said they told him to leave and they were calling the police.

The couple told police they were standing behind Hooker’s truck when he pulled forward a few feet, then “slammed the gas and went in reverse.”

The McClellans said they jumped out of the way or they would have been run over.

The three friends and neighbors who were present said that as Hooker left he “pulled right” and attempted to strike them as well. They also reported jumping out of the way to avoid being hit.

The McClellans provided Kingsport police with Hooker’s tag number and the address of Hooker’s father in Blountville, where the suspect lived. SCSO deputies responded to the location and placed Hooker under arrest. He was charged with five counts of aggravated assault.

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