Kingsport driver arrested after allegedly evading police over concrete medians, up grass embankments

Rain Smith • Dec 14, 2009 at 12:00 AM

After a call to central dispatch regarding a potentially intoxicated driver, Kingsport police observed a motorist drive over concrete medians and grass embankments before heeding to their sirens.

The incident began at about 3:35 Friday afternoon, on southbound John B. Dennis Highway. Central dispatch received a call from motorists, reporting a Jeep Cherokee was traveling erratically in front of them.

According to a police report, the Jeep was said to be weaving back and forth on the highway -- entering the median six times -- and nearly caused several crashes with other vehicles.

Police say they observed the Jeep leave John B. Dennis and turn left onto Stewball Circle. An officer initiated the lights and sirens of his patrol car and followed the suspect's vehicle.

The Jeep reportedly entered the parking lot of the former Damon's restaurant, 1221 Stewball Circle, and made a 90-degree turn before entering a parking space.

"As the vehicle came to a near stop, I observed it as it sped off, traveling up a grass embankment and across the curb," reads the officer's report. "The car then crossed Stewball Circle again, crossing over a concrete median as I followed behind. I followed the vehicle into the Pizza Hut parking lot at 1225 Stewball Circle, where it drove up another grass embankment, and made a right turn back onto the parking lot."

The Jeep finally stopped in the Pizza Hut parking lot. The driver allegedly made a quick exit out of his vehicle, but was stopped at gunpoint by the officer and arrested.

The driver was identified as Albuquerqu C. Head, 30, of 2009 Greenway Drive, apartment No. 15. Police learned Head's license had been revoked for DUI, and there were active warrants for him in Sullivan and Hawkins counties. The police report did not identify what those warrants were for.

Police report Head spoke with slurred speech, was unsteady on his feet and had glassy eyes. Police searched his vehicle to find two syringes, a spoon, marijuana pipe and an Alprazolam tablet. They also discovered a homemade, blunt weapon with spikes on the end.

Head told police he was not sure if his car was insured. A check of tags displayed on the Jeep revealed they were issued to a Saturn car, owned by Head's girlfriend.

Head was arrested and transported to the city jail. He agreed to field sobriety tests and reportedly performed poorly. He declined to provide police with a blood test to determine what chemicals were in his system.

Head was charged with DUI, reckless driving, two counts of reckless endangerment and a felony count of evading arrest. He was also charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, simple possession of schedule IV drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, violation of financial responsibility , driving on a revoked license and violation of implied consent.

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