Complaint about vehicles doing doughnuts leads to arrest of Blountville man who refused to leave area

Rain Smith • Dec 3, 2009 at 12:00 AM

A Blountville man was arrested Wednesday for resisting arrest and trespassing after police broke up a group of several people performing doughnuts in their vehicles.

Kingsport police say he refused to leave the premises where the incident occurred -- stating he was going to eat food in his BMW -- and had to be physically removed from his vehicle.

The incident occurred at 105 Jack White Drive, formerly the Charter Communications building, around 10:35 p.m. According to a report from police, they were called to the scene following a call of a vehicle performing doughnuts.

An officer made contact with seven people in the parking lot, and explained that neighboring businesses had reported a recent surge of loitering and littering in the area. The officer states in his report that he did not blame the individuals for these instances, but because of the occurrences trespassing was not allowed.

"Several asked where they could go to hang out," the officer notes. "I instructed them to go to their homes."

Everyone left, with the exception of a 23-year-old in a 1994 BMW 325i. The man, identified as James P. Putney, of 117 Southridge Drive, Blountville, allegedly continued to consume food that was on his lap.

"He did not start his vehicle and did not appear as though he was attempting to expedite his consumption," writes the officer.

The officer, through the use of his PA microphone, instructed Putney to vacate the area immediately. When he continued eating and did not start his vehicle, the officer approached the driver's side door. Putney allegedly told the officer he was going to eat. When instructed once more to leave, he allegedly asked, "where can I go eat."

The officer told him to eat at the restaurant where he bought the food, but Putney continued to disobey. When instructed to step out of the vehicle, Putney refused.

"I opened the door, grabbed his left wrist and pulled him from the vehicle," states the report. "I spun around, pinning him against his vehicle and ultimately cuffed him."

Putney was arrested and charged with resisting arrest, stop, frisk or halt and trespassing.

Upon arrest, Putney instructed his passenger to drive his vehicle from the scene, and they complied.

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