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Tenn. gun show 'loopholes' exposed in undercover investigation; Wamp says NY agents should stay out of Tenn.

Staff Report • Oct 8, 2009 at 12:00 AM

The firearms trade at gun shows in Tennessee and two other states took a hit from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Wednesday with an undercover investigation that said it was too easy for felons to buy guns.

Investigators using tiny hidden cameras placed in ball caps and purses targeted the gun show industry in Tennessee and across the nation. The report by the city of New York titled "Gun Show Undercover" said loopholes in federal and state law allow violent criminals to easily buy firearms from merchants at more than 2,000 shows each year.

In Tennessee, investigators focused on the monthly show in Nashville at the state fairgrounds and another held in Smyrna and other locations. These gun shows operate under the principle that gun sales between individuals are not regulated.

Read the full report at the Tennessean's web site.

Meanwhile, GOP Tennessee gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp is speaking out against an investigation by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg into questionable gun sales at gun shows in Tennessee and two other states.

Bloomberg said private investigators were sold guns despite saying they probably could not pass a background check.

Wamp, a congressman from Chattanooga, said in a Twitter posting Thursday that: "Bloomberg and his anti-gun cronies should stay the heck out of Tn."

Wamp said Tennessee will defend its Second Amendment rights and that armed citizens "keep streets safe."

A copy of Bloomberg's report is being sent to every member of Congress and the findings will be shared the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

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