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Limbaugh's comments on race cloud his quest to buy St. Louis Rams

Staff Report • Oct 8, 2009 at 12:00 AM

According to USA Today, Rush Limbaugh's pursuit of the St. Louis Rams' ownership is not being met warmly.Two former NFL players, Keenan McCardell and Roman Oben, said Wednesday that if Limbaugh's group acquires the Rams, the team would have trouble attracting black players in free agency.At issue is not only Limbaugh's standing as an outspoken right-wing talk-show host. His controversial comments on race, including a remark that led to his exit as an ESPN NFL analyst, are inciting the negative reaction.Oben wrote in the Post that Limbaugh's remarks should raise red flags for commissioner Roger Goodell, who vigorously enforces a personal conduct policy that Oben suggests Limbaugh would fail to meet. Read the full report at USA Today's The Huddle .

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