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Kingsport doctor's effort to help patients fight obesity cited in national report

Staff Report • Oct 8, 2009 at 12:00 AM

Dr. William Besterman, Jr. was featured in a USA Today report this week, in connection with his efforts to help patients fight obesity and his development of recommendations for physicians on how to guide and treat overweight patients on a committee for the STOP Obesity Alliance.Dr. Besterman is medical director of a cardiovascular treatment program for the Holston Medical Group.The report is part of a focus on a movement by medical experts focused on the idea that primary-care physicians need to launch a full-fledged attack against obesity because it cuts years off people's lives, reduces their quality of life and accounts for billions of extra dollars in health expenses.

"If doctors are serious about keeping patients from having heart attacks and strokes, they have to have this conversation, and they have to help their patients lose weight," Dr. Bestermann told USA Today's reporter.

According to the report, Bestermann decided he wanted to help patients trim down and get healthier after spending the first half of his career "signing death certificates and putting people in the hospital" because they had had heart attacks and strokes.

Read the full report at the USA Today's web site.

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