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Guns in parks ban evokes threats

Staff Report • Sep 17, 2009 at 12:00 AM

Knox County Commissioner Amy Broyles and Knoxville City Councilwoman Barbara Pelot say they have received "ugly" and "threatening" anonymous e-mail messages from people who oppose their support of a ban on weapons in county and city parks.

Broyles said she has received 15 anonymous e-mail messages, including one that said, "Who do you think you are anyway? The next rape, the next robbery, the next murder on a bike trail is going to hang around your pretty little neck, my dear. Trust me."

Pelot said that after she made a statement supporting the ban, she received as many as 400 e-mail messages, mostly anonymous and opposing the prohibition.

Read the full report at the Knoxville News Sentinel's web site.

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