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Kingsport's Sensabaugh launches Web site; answers reader questions about being a Dallas Cowboy

Staff Report • Jul 21, 2009 at 12:00 AM

Kingsport native and new Dallas Cowboys safety Gerald Sensabaugh has recently launched his own website, GeraldSensabaugh.net.

He says he created the website as a means to communicate with fans, personally answering reader questions and updating his blog on a regular basis.

And so far Sensabaugh is sticking by his word. Since Thursday he has responded to nine questions from fans, providing an inside look at his mindset and preparations heading into his first year in Big D.

When asked what his biggest impact will be in Dallas, Sensabaugh responded defending the pass.

"Here in dallas we have a great front 7 who's dominant against the run," Sensabaugh writes. "I do plan on getting my share of run stopping, but for me right now my main focus is to play good coverage. I'm very fortunate to have some great pass rushers who can get sacks or force bad throws. So i'm excited to get a chance to play where the pass rush is going to be there and knowing that the balls are going to be coming out fast. I'm expecting our secondary to get lots if int's, especially with how athletic everybody is."

Another reader asked what goes through his mind right before the snap of the ball.

"Before the snap there are many reads," responds Sensabaugh. "The main read is identifying the formation. Once the formation is identified it will give u a big clue on rather its left, right run.... short, deep pass. Through film study you notice that a lot of teams are repetitive, so before the snap you can take a highly educated guess. If i'm thinking run, i might play a little closer to the line. The passing game can be tricky but if u can realize that football is football and that most teams run the same route combinations just out of diff. formations, it can give you clues. So I pay attention to the splits of the WR's and i can get big clues of where they are going. Film study is the biggest part of the NFL. The more you know about your opponent, the better chance you have at executing against your opponent. And also down and distance is a huge part."

To read more of Sensabaugh's answers to fan questions, CLICK HERE.

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