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Ex-Miami QB considers walking on at Tennessee

Staff Report • May 14, 2009 at 12:00 AM

ESPN reports that former Miami quarterback Robert Marve is considering walking on at Tennessee instead of accepting a scholarship at Purdue. The story cites sources familiar with Marve's options.

One of the prized signings in Miami's 2007 recruiting class, Marve missed his freshman season because of injuries he suffered in a car crash.

Marve passed for 1,293 yards with nine touchdowns and 13 interceptions in 2009, starting in 11 of 13 games. He also served two one-game suspensions; once for being arrested on two misdemeanor charges related to vandalism, and again for missing an English class for the fourth time in a semester.

Miami won't release Marve to Tennessee, Florida or LSU, believing tampering occurred prior to his departure from the Hurricanes. That means Marve would have to pay for school at Tennessee during 2009.

Transfer students also have to sit out for one season, but Marve would still be able to practice with the team and learn the offense during 2009.

The Volunteers, who have senior Jonathan Crompton and junior Nick Stephens, need quarterback help. Marve would at least give them somebody who has experience and could challenge Stephens 2010.

Marve reportedly loved the Purdue coaches during his visit. He came close to finalizing a decision to play for the Boilermakers last week, but also has long been intrigued by the Vols.

Marve's father, Eugene, said the choice was down to two teams, but would not name the two. He added that a decision likely won't be made until Friday or next week.

"We took a semester off school to get this done and get it done right. So we think it's important to make the best and the right decision for him. He's taken his due process. We don't see this as a drag-along process. This is a month and a time that this decision should be made, because summer school starts next month and we want to be right on time with that."

CLICK HERE for the story from ESPN.

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