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Residential building permits increase in three Tri-Cities counties

Don Fenley • Apr 23, 2009 at 12:00 AM

Residential building permits in he Tri-Cities region have posted an increase.According to <a href="http://www.themarketedge.com/ target="_blank">The Marketing Edge</a> "the increase is hopefully a sign of positive trends for the year ahead." The firm's study compares residential building permits in Carter, Greene, Hawkins, Sullivan and Washington counties in NE Tenn. and in Scott and Washington counties in SW Va. The First Quarter 2009 data show a 0.50 percent increase in the number of permits when compared to the number of residential permits issued in the Fourth Quarter of 2008.The percentages are larger when you look at individual counties.Sullivan Co. posted a 23.4 percent increase in the number of permits while Washington Co., Tenn. has a 30 percent increase. Carter Co., Tenn. had the largest percentage increase - 70.6 percent.Counties posting a decline in the number of permits include:Greene County -63.6 percent.Hawkins -20 percent.Scott, Co. Va. -14.3 percent.Washignton Co. Va. -31.8 percent.The only other region in East Tennessee that recorded an increase in residential permits was Chattanooga.Most of the counties covered by The Market Edge posted negative residential permit growth during the first quarter when compared to the Forth Quarter of last year.Here's a breakdown of the number of permits issued in each of the Tri-Cities region.Carter Co., Tenn. - 29.Greene Co., Tenn. - 16.Hawkins Co., Tenn. - 4.Sullivan Co., Tenn. - 58.Washington, Co., Tenn. - 65.Scott Co. Va., - 6.Washington Co., Va. - 15.A 2007 to 2008 annual report on residential building permits for the region's counties shows how the economy effected the building industry. All counties and the region posted no permit growth during that period.Cartrer Co., Tenn, -25.7 percent.Greene Co., Tenn. -37 percent.Hawkins Co., Tenn. -44.4 percent.Sullivan Co., Tenn. -27 percent.Washington Co., Tenn. -36.3 percent.Scott Co., Va. 0 percent.Washington Co. Va. -35.3 percent.Tri-Cities -35.3 percent.

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