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Murfreesboro woman says Myspace friend threatened to post nude photos of her online

Staff Report • Apr 21, 2009 at 12:00 AM

The Rutherford Daily News Journal is reporting that a 27-year-old Murfreesboro woman told police she was being harassed by a 63-year-old male, who threatened to post naked photos of her on Myspace after revealing his true age.The woman told police she met the man on Myspace in September 2008. When they met he said he was 26, the woman said.After the man admitted he was 63 in December, the woman told him she didn't want any further contact with him, Officer James Thomason reported.At that time, the man allegedly threatened that if she quit contacting him, he would post "explicit" pictures of her "on the Internet and would call her work and family to tell them what kind of 'bad' person she was," according to a police report.CLICK HERE for the full report.

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