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Morristown traffic engineer says proposed law regulating yellow phase at red light camera intersections a bad idea

Staff Report • Mar 25, 2009 at 12:00 AM

The Morristown Citizen-Tribune is reporting that proposed legislation co-sponsored by Rep. John Litz and Sen. Steve Southerland involving red-light cameras has pitted the state legislators against the Morristown engineering department.At intersections where red-light cameras are mounted, Litz and Southerland want to set a mandatory 5-second minimum for the yellow light phase. They want to create a 3-second yellow phase at all other stop lights.Litz and Southerland maintain that the 5-second yellow would reduce the chances of rear-end collisions in which motorists slam on the brakes to avoid getting a $50 red-light ticket.Jeff Branham, Morristown city engineer, said this morning the 5-second yellow is a bad idea.The city engineer says all Morristown traffic lights have identical yellow phases of 3.5 seconds. Adding 1.5 seconds to each yellow phase of an eight-cycle signal would increase a light cycle by 12 seconds, which would produce unacceptable traffic stacking.CLICK HERE for the full report.

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