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Businessman admits haste caused downtown Bristol gas rupture, evacuation

Staff Report • Mar 13, 2009 at 12:00 AM

The Bristol Herald Courier is reporting that a McCall Commercial Fencing official blames haste for the natural gas leak that shut down much of downtown Bristol on Tuesday.Company Vice President Brad Sorrow was supposed to have called underground utility regulator Tennessee One-Call for permission to dig in advance. That way, his construction crew would know where the danger was when digging fence posts behind the Kil’n Time pottery shop.“The ball was dropped,” Sorrow said by telephone Tuesday.Instead, he called 30 minutes after a company auger ruptured the gas line and police and firefighters sprang to action. Sorrow was at a construction site in Kentucky when first told by cell phone that trouble had erupted in Bristol. So he called the regulatory agency out of anger, to set up a request for the return dig.

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