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Scammers' would-be victim helps Hawkins deputies nab fugitive

Jeff Bobo • Feb 10, 2009 at 12:00 AM

ROGERSVILLE — A Hawkins County woman who suspected she was being scammed by the men who paved her driveway Monday helped police arrest a fugitive wanted in Virginia.

Sharon Ammlung, 4398 Route 70-N, Eidson, told the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office Monday afternoon about six men came to her residence offering her a good deal to put asphalt on her driveway.

The men said they’d just completed a paving job nearby and had leftover asphalt and would “make her a good deal because they needed to dump it while it was hot.”

Ammlung told HCSO Sgt. Greg Larkin, who investigated the case, that the men quoted her a price of $1.75 per square foot and said they had approximately 100 feet.

Just before they finished the men asked for cash and allegedly said the bill was $6,500.

When Ammlung told them she didn’t have the cash, they said they would follow her to the bank to get cash.

Ammlung went to the Citizen’s Bank in Rogersville, but by then she suspected something wasn’t right, slipped out the bank’s back door, and went straight to the nearby sheriff’s office.

Sheriff Roger Christian said when Ammlung told Larkin her story, Larkin went to the area of the bank looking for the men.

“Sgt. Larkin was going by the Shepherd’s Center near the bank and spotted a man and vehicle matching the description given by the victim,” Christian said. “After running a check on this man it was discovered that he was wanted out of Virginia. His associates were not found.”

Larkin arrested Tommy Lee Ray Addison for being a fugitive from justice. Addison was wanted by the Highland County (Va.) Sheriff’s Office on charges of obtaining money by false pretenses and felony larceny. Virginia authorities confirmed that they will extradite Addison.

“The circumstances of this case fit the profile of some scamming that’s been reported in the area,” Christian said. “Obviously when they said the bill was $6,500 that was a big red flag for our victim because according to the originally quoted price the bill should have been $175. She did the right thing by coming to our office.

“We won’t be charging this individual because no money changed hands, but if anyone out there recognizes him and may have been swindled by him, we’d like to hear from them.”

Anyone who believes they may have been conned by Addison is asked to contact the HCSO at 272-4848.

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