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Virginia bar revokes Bristol attorney's license

Staff Report • Feb 3, 2009 at 12:00 AM

According to the Bristol Herald Courier the Virginia State Bar has revoked Bristol attorney John Lawson Moss’ legal license after he admitted to charges of misconduct and a other violations for safekeeping property.

In all, Moss deposited at least $9,000 in attorney fees into his personal accounts since 2005 – a departure from the bar’s guidelines. He has not refunded money to any of the clients listed in the bar documents, regardless of whether he performed the services for which he was hired.The affidavit, which became public Monday, lists nine clients that Moss represented on matters ranging from child custody and a a civil rights complaint to rape. The document shows a pattern in which Moss went incommunicado for long periods of time, missed court hearings and deadlines, and failed to file lawsuits and appeals.

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