Rogersville man allegedly beaten, left in road during robbery

Rain Smith • Sep 18, 2008 at 12:00 AM

A Rogersville man alleges he was beaten and left in the road during a Tuesday night robbery.

According to an offense report from the Hawkins County Sheriff\'s Office, Ricky Shane Davis, 26, told police he was picked up from his residence by Jason Bradley and Jonathan Bradley, both with last known addresses in Rogersville. Two females Davis did not know accompanied the two men, who told Davis they were going to meet a friend.

Davis told police that on Ball Road the car was stopped. Then, Jason and Jonathan Bradley allegedly pulled the victim from the car and began punching him in the face and head. The victim told police he fell to the ground, and the men began kicking him.

Davis says the men then removed his wallet from his pocket and stole two $100 bills. Jason and Jonathan Bradley then allegedly returned to the vehicle and drove away, leaving Davis in the road.

The police report says Davis was transported to the Hawkins County Memorial emergency room with considerable bleeding from his head and face. While Davis did not know the name of the two females accompanying the men, he did provide police with an address where he thought one of them lived.

Police made contact with the owner of the car allegedly involved in the incident, Rondi Hilton, 20. Hilton told police she had not seen one of the suspects, Jason Bradley, in several days.

However, according to the offense report, police searched her vehicle to find fresh blood on the upholstery, and Hilton changed her story. She then told police the two male suspects and a female she did not know picked up Davis and traveled to Ball Road.

She said the car was stopped, and the two male suspects removed Davis from the vehicle. Hilton says she did not did not see an assault take place, and according to the report, said the Bradleys returned to the vehicle without Davis and drove away.

According to the Hawkins County Sheriff\'s Office offense report, filed Wednesday morning, Jason and Jonathan Bradley had not been located. If anyone has information their whereabouts, contact the Hawkins County Sheriff\'s Office at (423) 272-4848.

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