Video Report - Homeowner gets video footage of burglary in progress in Mooresburg

Jeff Bobo • Jul 9, 2008 at 12:00 AM

This frame taken from a home video surveillance system shows the suspect now being sought for a burglary in Hawkins County.


MOORESBURG — On June 28 a burglar pulled his Chevy pickup into the driveway at 9400 Highway 11-W, Mooresburg, knocked on the door to make sure no one was home and then proceeded to steal about $500 worth of items from two boats parked beside the house.

Although it was probably very upsetting for the homeowner, there was nothing really special or extraordinary about the incident. Actually, thefts of that nature are a fairly common occurrence.

What was extraordinary about the incident was the fact that the homeowner had digital video surveillance monitoring the residence. When the burglar knocks on the door to see if anyone is home, little does he know that his face is right in front of the camera.

The Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office released footage from that burglary Wednesday in hopes that someone will recognize the suspect.

Detectives are hoping the community can help them solve the crime.

But HCSO Detective Cliff Evans also pointed out that this serves as a good example of the type of video surveillance that businesses and homeowners should use to protect their property.

“With this digital surveillance video you get a clear shot and you get a really good look at him,” Evans said. “We see a lot of video surveillance on older VHS systems where the picture is poor quality and it isn’t always very helpful. In this case you couldn’t ask for a better picture.

“Now we just need to find someone who knows who he is.”

Evans said he took photos of the suspect taken from the video to area markets and asked people if they recognized him. Several people reportedly said they’d seen him around but they didn’t know his name.

In the video, the suspect is seen sticking an item in his back pocket while standing at the doorway, and then can be seen making several trips, carrying loads of items from the boats to his pickup.

Among the items stolen were six one-gallon gas cans containing fuel; two marine batteries; a “Storm Tracker” weather radio; a hand saw, a first-aid kit and a bag containing several miscellaneous items.

Anyone with information about this suspect’s identity is asked to contact the HCSO at 272-4848 or 272-6514.

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