Video Report - Suspect accused of selling drugs to teens at Church Hill pool

Jeff Bobo • Jun 12, 2008 at 12:00 AM

CHURCH HILL — Church Hill police don’t know how many Xanax pills Michael Alan Maxfield allegedly sold to children Wednesday afternoon at the local public swimming pool.

But one brave youngster reported the alleged drug dealer to Church Hill police, resulting in the arrest of Maxfield, 25, 526 Church Lane, Church Hill, and the confiscation of drugs, cash, electronics and a 2000 Ford Mustang.

An unidentified juvenile male contacted the Church Hill Police Department Wednesday about 4 p.m. and claimed that Maxfield had offered to sell him Xanax pills for $3 each. CHPD Detective Dustin Dean said the boy was able to describe for police what the pills looked like, where they were located on Maxfield’s person, Maxfield’s car, his actions, and even that some of the pills had been broken in half.

“When we arrived at the swimming pool we found Mr. Maxfield sitting in a vehicle with a second male in the passenger side, and as we approached the vehicle we observed Mr. Maxfield throwing something,” Dean said. “We later determined that to be approximately 30 Xanax pills. The juvenile who initially reported Mr. Maxfield described the pills perfectly, and there were other juveniles who came forward at the pool and said they’d been approached by Mr. Maxfield as well to purchase these drugs.”

Most of the juveniles allegedly approached by Maxfield were between 13 and 17 years old. Maxfield allegedly used a sales tactic that probably wouldn’t be considered wise by other drug dealers.

“The pool was pretty packed that day with several hundred people, and it would have taken days to interview all of them. But the ones we did talk to, their stories were pretty much the same,” Dean said. “I don’t believe he knew many people there at all. We spoke to several he approached, and they didn’t know him. ... So he basically went to the swimming pool that day to sell drugs to children he didn’t know.

“Drug dealers sometimes resort to drastic measures, and when you approach a kid that’s as low as you can get.”

Maxfield had apparently filled a prescription for 120 Xanax pills less than a week ago, and as of his arrest Wednesday was down to 30 pills. Dean noted the prescription only called for him to take one per day.

Maxfield was charged with possession of Schedule IV narcotics for resale. He had also been wanted on a failure to appear warrant stemming from arrests in January on charges of auto burglary and drug possession.

Aside from the pills police seized $64 in cash, a laptop computer, a cell phone and a 2000 Ford Mustang. Dean said the laptop and the cell phone included incriminating evidence including e-mails and messages about illegal activities.

“This is a stereotypical ‘drug pusher’ incident where you have a grown man hanging around where kids hang out trying to sell them drugs,” Church Hill Police Chief Mark Johnson said. “We will work closely with the district attorney’s office to make sure he is punished to the full extent of the law. While being arrested Mr. Maxfield made several arrogant comments to officers.

“In the future, anytime he leaves home he will receive a lot of attention from our officers.”

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