Hawkins woman lands in jail after accusing husband of abuse

Jeff Bobo • Jun 12, 2008 at 12:00 AM

MOUNT CARMEL — A Kingsport man had a 100 percent unshakable alibi Wednesday night, which landed his estranged wife in jail after she allegedly told police her husband had beaten her up at the Allandale Walgreens.

But at the time Brenda Elizabeth “Beth” McClintock was claiming her estranged husband Larry had beaten her, he was actually at the Mount Carmel police station, having requested a welfare check on the McClintock children a short time earlier.

Larry McClintock, 31, of Kingsport met Mount Carmel Police Department Officer George Copas at the police station Wednesday shortly before 8 p.m. to request a welfare check on his stepchildren, who live with Beth McClintock, 26, at 1440 Wolfe Lane, Apt. 8-A.

Larry McClintock expressed concern for the children due to his wife allegedly being intoxicated.

Copas told Larry McClintock to stay at the police station while he and Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Mike Allen conducted the welfare check.

Copas stated in his report he found the children healthy and fed, and left Beth McClintock’s residence.

Beth McClintock reportedly left the residence directly after the officers.

As Larry McClintock was waiting at the Mount Carmel police station, he received a call from Beth McClintock to meet her at the Walgreens in Allandale in 10 minutes or he would be arrested by the sheriff’s department.

She then allegedly called Kingsport 911 and claimed that she had just been assaulted in the Walgreens parking lot by her husband. A Kingsport officer then phoned Larry McClintock, who was still at the MCPD in the presence of Copas and other officers.

Copas spoke to the Kingsport officer and explained that Larry McClintock had been in the officers’ presence during the time frame that the assault was alleged to have occurred.

Beth McClintock was then arrested by Kingsport police and charged with filing a false report and public intoxication. She reportedly became very “irate and aggressive” upon being arrested and struck her head intentionally on the Kingsport officer’s patrol car.

Beth McClintock was additionally charged with disorderly conduct.

Her children had been left with a friend prior to the incidents at Walgreens.

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