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OnePartner center design earns Tier III status

Clifford Jeffery • Jan 18, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Tom Deaderick and Mac Scofield look over plans at the OnePartner facility under construction in Duffield. Photo by Ned Jilton II.


DUFFIELD — OnePartner, a corporation formed by Holston Medical Group in 2006, was granted Tier III status for the design of its Advanced Application and Technology Center being built in Duffield.

Tier III status means that OnePartner’s services at the data center will be available even when systems are taken offline for maintenance.

The design of the data center and doctors offices calls for a footprint of about 9,200 square feet.

The medical center will be named after J. Bryston Winegar, who practiced family medicine in Duffield for 25 years. The medical center will house physician offices, diagnostic services, specialty physician offices and rehab.

OnePartner received $300,000 in development and revitalization funds from the Virginia Governor’s Opportunity Fund and Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission for the creation of the facility.

Such funding was also used for the creation of redundant fiber-optic systems in Duffield’s e-corridor that made the Tier III certification possible for the data center design.

“This is a tremendous feat,” Tom Deaderick, director of OnePartner, said of the design certification. “There is an enormous amount of work and planning that goes into designing a building system in which any one component can be removed for replacement or repair without interrupting service. From the beginning, concurrent maintainability with a Tier III certification was our goal.”

OnePartner is the only U.S. company providing outsourced commercial data center services that has been awarded the Tier III designation for a building design, said Julian Kudritzki, certification manager of Uptime Institute and ComputerSite Engineering in Santa Fe, N.M.

“Data centers are highly customized facilities, and it was determined that a framework was needed — a benchmark for reasonable expectations of availability,” Kudritzki said. “We work with the owner, engineer and project team to reach the desired outcome in terms of tier. They go into construction with a validated design.”

Kudritzki said a data center’s tier status is more routinely assigned to existing centers. By working on availability standards during the design process, he said businesses can save time and money.

“It’s much cheaper to change lines on paper than to jack hammer concrete,” Kudritzki said.

“There are other Tier III certified centers out there. However, they are corporate-owned and only provide services to that specific corporation,” he said.

Oregon has Tier III certification for the state’s Department of Administrative Services, and the state of Florida is working with Kudritzki on a Tier III data center.

“(OnePartner) is providing outsource data center services, and they are the only organization that has a Tier III design document certification that is in the business commercially of data center services,” Kudritzki said.

Though the center is still under construction, Deaderick said the Bank of Tennessee has already designated OnePartner’s Advanced Application and Technology Center as its primary data center for business continuance and disaster recovery.

“After researching the possibility of building our own disaster recovery site, we found it much more cost effective to utilize OnePartner ATAC as our disaster recovery center,” said Bank of Tennessee Senior Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Phillip B. Haumiller.

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