'Tis the season for Christmas trash

Matthew Lane • Dec 23, 2007 at 12:00 AM

KINGSPORT — Eggnog won’t be the only thing flowing this Christmas. Garbage will be as well, and the Kingsport Public Works Department plans to be up to the challenge of making all of that Christmas garbage disappear.

One of the busiest weeks of the year for garbage collection is the week after Christmas — big boxes, bags of wrapping paper and bows, and of course, all that food. All of this extra stuff will likely result in garbage tonnage being up by 10 percent with volume up by 30 percent to 50 percent.

Therefore, from Wednesday through Dec. 31 the public works department is allowing residents to put out more garbage than usual, in light of the Christmas holiday.

Ryan McReynolds, public works director, said residents will be allowed to leave extra garbage on the side of the curb, in addition to whatever the residents can fit inside their normal can.

“We understand after Christmas there are items that are very hard to fit into the cart — and multiple items at that. If you leave a clear area around your cart, about three foot, and then put the other garbage on another pile, we’ll collect both,” McReynolds said. “Christmas is always a heavy week because of the volume, so we always run multiple garbage and trash trucks picking up garbage as well as putting a lot of personnel out there to do a clean sweep through the city.”

Kingsport has been using an automated collection truck for nearly a year. To accommodate the additional garbage, McReynolds said the city plans to run a dump truck in addition to the automated truck to pick up the bulky items left by the side of the curb.

Due to low participation and a significant reduction of real trees used for Christmas decorations, Kingsport canceled the Chipping of the Green event this year. However, people can leave the tree at the curb at their home for pickup or take it to the demolition landfill off Brookside Drive.

“The grabber trucks will be picking (Christmas trees) up on the normal trash routes,” McReynolds said. “We’re going to take them to the landfill, stockpile them and mulch them there, and make mulch available there or at the public works office on Industry Drive.”

McReynolds said garbage collection will take place on Monday as normal, but the rest of the week will be shifted one day — Tuesday’s collection will take place on Wednesday and so forth through Saturday.

“Routes will be one day behind,” McReynolds said.

For more information visit www.kingsportpublicworks.com or call 229-9397.

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