Commission OKs final annexation in Rock Springs

Matthew Lane • Dec 23, 2007 at 12:00 AM

KINGSPORT — The last of 10 annexations expected to take place in the Rock Springs community has made its way through the Kingsport Regional Planning Commission.

For more than a year, Kingsport has been working to annex nearly 1,000 acres in the Rock Springs community — 10 areas that lead up to two major developments off Rock Springs Road: a 330-home neighborhood called “The Edinburgh” and the city’s new John Adams Elementary School.

The Planning Commission Thursday night voted to recommend to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen the annexation of Area 8 — 264 acres located around Blakely Drive. The area includes approximately 346 residents, 163 parcels and 2.7 miles of roadway.

Also last week the BMA voted on second and final reading to annex Area 4 in the Rock Springs community. Area 4 includes approximately 153 acres along Rock Springs Road and 27 residents.

The cost for water upgrades and sewer installation for Areas 8 and 4 is estimated to be $3.1 million and $572,500, respectively.

All 10 areas have gone before the Planning Commission. The BMA will receive the remaining areas as follows — Area 5 in January, Area 6 in February, Area 7 in March, and Area 8 in April.

The 10 areas proposed to be annexed include approximately 969 acres and at least 585 people. The cost to provide water and sewer to these areas is estimated to be $2.33 million and $6 million, respectively.

The city’s long-range annexation plan in the Rock Springs community is scheduled to run through 2011. The plan includes nearly 3,100 acres and approximately 2,000 residents in the Rock Springs and Sullivan Gardens communities.

City Planner Forrest Koder said now that the 2006 and 2007 annexations have gone through the Planning Commission, planners would likely begin after the first of the year studies on the property slated for annexation in 2008. The studies describe the properties and demographics and outline the cost estimates for providing city services such as water, sewer, garbage collection, police and fire protection.

Koder said 560 acres of land is slated for annexation in 2008 and would probably be broken into three parts. The area includes 143 parcels, 232 people and is located roughly down the middle of Rock Springs Drive all the way to Sullivan Gardens Parkway. Residents are on city water but not city sewer, and the water lines would need to be upgraded for fire service.

The soonest the property would be brought to the Planning Commission would be May or June.

“It’s a very fluid plan, and we may be given the direction to go in a different direction, by either the Planning Commission, BMA or city manager,” Koder said.

The 2008 annexations would also probably take place east to west, and since there is a main trunk line on Sullivan Gardens Parkway, the city would have a looped water system with the previous annexations in the Rock Springs community.

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