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Moreland Drive red light camera goes live today

Kacie Dingus Breeding • Dec 20, 2007 at 12:00 AM

Redflex Traffic Systems has outfitted another accident-prone intersection in Kingsport with video surveillance, and the cameras will be rolling live today.

Fort Henry Drive and Moreland Drive is the seventh intersection to be outfitted with a camera that clicks on red light runners. Positioned on the southbound side of Fort Henry Drive, it will monitor southbound traffic at Moreland Drive.

Redflex installed cameras earlier this year after the city signed a contract in response to Mayor Dennis Phillips' push to halt drivers' apparent unwillingness to see red and stop. CLICK HERE to hear Deputy Chief David Quillin talk about why redlight cameras were installed and how the camera program works

Kingsport police hope the latest addition improves traffic safety by reducing the number of drivers running red lights -- a trend already shown in studies of the first six intersections.

Since April, cameras have been rolling at:

•Fort Henry and Lebanon

•John B. Dennis and Wilcox

•Lynn Garden and Carters Valley

•Stone and Clinchfield

•Stone and Eastman

•Stone and Union

• Eastbound at Stone Drive and Clinchfield

• Eastbound at Stone Drive and Union

Statistics provided to the Times-News in mid-September showed that those cameras clicked on over 4,000 vehicles crossing the line against the light during a 30-day grace period. Between May 1 to about Sept. 22, just over 13,000 citations were mailed -- about 2,600 per month.

CLICK HERE for VIDEO REPORT on how police review citations.

The latest intersection accident statistics available on the Kingsport Police Department's Traffic Enforcement Web site are from 2005. That year, Fort Henry and Moreland suffered the second-highest number of crashes, with Stone and Clinchfield not far behind. Stone and Eastman topped the list with 32.

Fort Henry at Moreland was one of 10 trouble spots police highlighted on a preliminary list based on the number of injury crashes at each location. Fort Henry and Moreland was picked for a camera based on that initial identification by the KPD as well as 24-hour video surveillance conducted by Redflex.

City spokesman Tim Whaley said Thursday that more current accident statistics are in the works. Sgt. Jerry Mowl said Quillin has been working with the city's transportation department on statistics to include numbers on accidents at the original six Redflex intersections. Quillin was unavailable to comment and not expected to return to the office until after the Christmas holiday.

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