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Scott voters oust longtime sheriff, two School Board members

Clifford Jeffery • Nov 7, 2007 at 12:00 AM

GATE CITY — The Scott County Board of Supervisors met Wednesday morning in the first session since all seven were re-elected for four more years.

While the Board of Supervisors will remain the same until 2012, other officials will change in the new year.

Sheriff Jerry Broadwater, after 16 years in office, was ousted by voters Tuesday. Of 8,395 voters, Democratic candidate W. John Puckett claimed 49 percent with 4,073 votes. Broadwater split the remaining half with G. Stephen Templeton, an independent candidate. Broadwater claimed 32 percent and Templeton just over 19 percent.

Puckett, a former state game warden, will take office in January 2008.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Marcus McClung and Court Clerk Mark “Bo” Taylor, both Republican incumbents, were uncontested for their positions. Write-in candidates claimed 33 votes for county clerk and 56 votes for commonwealth’s attorney.

For commissioner of revenue, incumbent Republican Gary Baker held onto his seat for a second term with 61 percent of the 8,186 votes cast. Baker was contested in the race by C.H. Presley Jr., a former commissioner of revenue who appeared on the ballot as “Clyde H. Presley Jr.”

The county treasurer position was up for election with two newcomers in heated contention for the position. That race ended with the winner’s total within 1 percent of the loser’s.

Republican Kevin Helms claimed 4,057 votes (50.76 percent) to Democrat Janet Sue Davidson’s 3,926 (49.13 percent).

While the Board of Supervisors remains the same with David Redwine at-large; Paul Fields, District 1; D. Joe Horton, District 2; Danny S. Parks, District 3; Joe W. Herron, District 4; Randall S. “Buck” Kinkead, District 5; and Chad E. Hood, District 6, several members had close races.

In District 6, W.E. “Harry” Moore won a majority in three of the four precincts, with Hood pulling ahead late Tuesday when the Pattonsville precinct reported in late on Tuesday. Hood won with 52 percent (593) of the vote. Moore claimed 551 votes.

In the Scott County School Board races, two incumbents lost their positions.

Lowell S. Campbell, a board member for 13 years, was elected to another term as District 1 representative with 58 percent of the vote to H. Eugene McClellan’s 42 percent (527 votes).

Three candidates ran for the District 2 school board seat. Newcomer Dennis C. Templeton won the seat with 558 votes (42 percent). Incumbent Nathan K. Catron claimed 349 votes (26.4 percent) and Tom L. Beasley finished with 417 votes (31.5 percent).

Incumbent Joe D. Meade won the District 3 school board seat with 874 votes (58 percent) to W. Mack Gilliam’s 639 votes (42 percent).

In District 4, incumbent Katherine J. McClelland was unopposed and took 1,059 votes (83 percent) with write-in candidates claiming 219 (17 percent).

In District 5, incumbent Gloria “Beth” Blair won with 739 votes (56 percent). Darla Berry Carter collected 581 votes (44 percent).

District 6 incumbent David T. “Tip” Kindle was ousted from his position by James K. Jessee, who claimed 612 votes (54 percent).

Kindle took 387 votes (34 percent), with newcomer Stephen R. Sloan taking 136 votes (12 percent).

Between 42 percent and 57 percent of eligible voters from each precinct cast ballots Tuesday.

All results are still unofficial.

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