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Kacie Dingus Breeding • Aug 22, 2007 at 12:00 AM

KINGSPORT — A Bloomingdale homeowner involved in a fatal shooting Monday night was also involved in a shooting at his home in March 2006.

In March 2006, the Times-News reported that Roy Lowell Wilson, 356 Brookside (CLICK HERE FOR MAP) Drive, shot an intruder who broke into his home.

That intruder was 25-year-old Donald Scott Bridges, who told police that he had come to Wilson’s house to collect a debt when Wilson shot him.

Wilson, then 67, told Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office deputies that wasn’t true and he had no business dealings with Bridges.

Wilson also told deputies he’d shot Bridges because he was fed up. He told deputies his home had already been broken into three times in less than a year.

The night before Wilson shot Bridges, he alleged that Bridges had broken into his home and took four guns, prescription medications and at least two watches.

But Wilson didn’t report that incident, he said, because seven months earlier someone had invaded his home, forced him to the floor, and held a gun to his head.

That incident, Wilson said, had been reported, but as of March 2006 an investigation hadn’t turned up anything.

The incident March 9, 2006, happened around 11:10 p.m. Wilson told deputies he heard a noise in his wife’s bedroom and went to investigate.

When he tried to open the bedroom door, someone closed it, so Wilson went to the den to get his 38-caliber handgun off the couch.

“My wife is blind, and she thought it was me (in the room),” Wilson told the Times-News at that time.

“He opened the door so far and stuck his head. He said ‘It’s cool man. It’s cool,’” Wilson said.

But Wilson didn’t hesitate. He fired through the door, striking Bridges once in the upper body.

Deputies arrested Bridges on an aggravated burglary charge at Indian Path Medical Center after dispatch advised them he had arrived in the emergency room and requested treatment for a gunshot wound.

Bridges was later taken to Holston Valley Medical Center for treatment.

According to a police report about Monday’s shooting, Wilson told Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office deputies that a woman he knew named Denise walked in with two white males, one of whom he said identified himself as “James.” The other man, he didn’t know.

Wilson told deputies that he fired three shots after “James” lunged at him while he was sitting on the couch with a .25-caliber handgun on his lap.

Wilson said one round struck the man in the chest. The second round struck the refrigerator, but he didn’t know where the third round went, according to the report.

The other man took the gun from him, Wilson said in the report.

While deputies were interviewing Wilson, the Kingsport Police Department sent officers to Indian Path to investigate a report of a man brought to the hospital with gunshot wounds.

The man, Tony Satterfield, 24, died after being transported from Indian Path to Holston Valley for treatment.

Lt. Joey Strickler with the SCSO Criminal Investigation Division is investigating the shooting.

Strickler said Wednesday that the investigation is still ongoing as investigators continue to talk to witnesses and sort through the details.


Deputies investigate shooting death in Bloomingdale

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