Kitten killed with fireworks near Church Hill

Jeff Bobo • Jul 10, 2007 at 12:00 AM

Dana Campbell holds Flower and Socks, her two remaining kittens, on Tuesday in Hawkins County. Photo by Ned Jilton II.


CHURCH HILL - Hawkins County investigators were set to interview three "persons of interest" Tuesday in the death Sunday of a kitten killed with fireworks in a community near Church Hill.

Dana Campbell, 710 Okolona Road, wept Tuesday as she described finding her kitten Cameron Monday morning near her home.

"It was pretty horrible," Campbell said. "His body was twisted, and he had fireworks in his mouth."

She said the kitten also was covered with fire extinguisher dust.

Campbell lives in a farming community, and someone had dumped off three kittens near her home about three weeks ago, so she adopted them.

Sunday evening she and her husband had gone boating on a nearby pond, and on their way home they bumped into three males who were sitting on a woodpile near a shed where the kittens stayed. Campbell said that after she went to bed she heard the three males shooting fireworks.

Monday morning she went out to feed the kittens, and one was missing. She was upset by the missing kitten, so she decided to take a walk down to the pond to look for it, and that's when she discovered Cameron.

"It was such a sweet little baby kitten, and this must have been so terrifying for him," Campbell said. "I had thought that night that I hope the kittens weren't scared by them shooting fireworks. The next morning was when I found him.

"Rather than having a confrontation (with the three males) I decided to call the sheriff and protect the other two kittens. Yesterday (Monday) I carried the other two with me all day in a cat carrier."

Sheriff Roger Christian said his detectives would be interviewing the three persons of interest, one of whom is a juvenile. Christian said he has no witnesses as of yet to the kitten's death.

"These individuals were seen in the vicinity of the kitten shooting fireworks, so we just want to talk to them and see what they know about this," Christian said. "We're not sure that they had anything to do with it or not. But this is a heinous crime, and we want to get to the bottom of it."

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